Our Questions for Authors

Authors and Literary Agents: Please answer the following questions to request a Publishing Agreement.

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To complete your request, we would also ask that you send us an email message containing a sample of the work you would like for us to publish. (We will send you a formal receipt acknowledging this submission. More on this is explained below.)

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QUESTION 1: How many authors are there for this work?

[Just provide the number of authors ? More specific questions are asked below.]


QUESTION 2: How many editors are there for this work?

[If there are editors, and they are to receive an editor’s citation, please provide their names, exactly the way you want them cited. Just type “none” if there is no editor to cite.]


QUESTION 3: Has this work already been published? If so, please name the publisher, when it was published, and in which forms (hardcover, softcover, serial, etc.).

[If this work has already been published, if you don’t mind; explain how it fared in the marketplace (copies sold, critical reviews, awards, etc.). Please note: DigiNatal Publishing is not shy about publishing works that have not previously been published. In fact, it would be a pleasure!]


INSTRUCTION for Questions 4 through 15

The following questions ‘4’ through ’15’ are all about the author(s) of the work. If you are the only author, then simply type-in your answers below each question. If there is more than one author, please number the lines below each question, inserting new lines as necessary, with one line for each author, and provide the answer for each author, on each line, under each question; being consistent with your numbering all the way through your answers to questions ‘4-15’. PLEASE BE VERY PRECISE while filling-in this section, as all of this information must be exactly correct in the publishing contract we will draft for your consideration. NOTE: In these next questions ‘4’ through ’15’, wherever we refer to “You”, we are referring to “You, the Author” or “all of you, the Authors”, as the case may be. Please answer accordingly.


QUESTION 4: What is your full, legal name? *

[Please note your preference for; Mr., Mrs., Ms., Dr., or other honorific title, as we will use it in our publishing contract.]


QUESTION 5: What is your sex?

[We only ask, because we do use ‘he/his’ or ‘she/her’ in our contract, and we want to get it right. If you identify as gender non-binary or there is more than one author, ignore this question as we will use ‘they’ and ‘their’ instead.]


QUESTION 6: What is the ‘pen name’ or pseudonym that you would like us to use when publishing your eBook?

[Please note, a ‘pen name’ need not be a fake name, just the name you would like associated with your work, exactly the way you want it spelled-out.]


QUESTION 7: What is your residential street address?

[Please provide your street number, unit number (if applicable) and street name.]


QUESTION 8: What city or town do you live in?


QUESTION 9: What state, province or cantonment do you live in?


QUESTION 10: What country do you live in?


QUESTION 11: What is your postal code or ZIP code?


QUESTION 12: What is your preferred phone number?

[If you are outside of the United States or Canada, please provide international dialing codes, if you know them. (If you don’t know about international dialing codes, please specify the country and state/province where this phone number rings.)]


QUESTION 13: What is your email address? *

[This is the email address we will use to contact you, and also the email address to which we will send our publishing contract, if we are to proceed.]


QUESTION 14: If you already have an internet website, what is the internet address (URL)?

[In particular, we are interested to know about the websites you would like to use to sell your eBooks to buyers online.]


QUESTION 15: Please provide a brief ‘biography’ for yourself.

[This is particularly important for non-fiction works. Be sure to include any credentials you hold, awards you’ve won, relevant employment positions and professional designations, or associations you belong to: basically anything that you think would make your ebook more marketable. If this information is available online, please provide links that we can follow for more information. If you have a ‘public profile’ on a networking site such as ‘LinkedIn’, and it covers the basic facts we’re asking about here, please just provide a link to it.]


INSTRUCTION for Questions 16 through 24

The following questions ’16’ through ’24’ are about the work that you would like for us to publish as eBook edition(s). PLEASE BE PRECISE when answering these questions, as all of this information must be accurately reflected in any publishing contract we would draft.


QUESTION 16: What is the (tentative) title of the work you would like us to publish?

[You are advised to conduct your own search for other works using the same title as you would like to use, and to try to think of a new, unique title in case something has already been published with the same or similar title. Don’t worry if you are a little “iffy” about this title, as you will have an opportunity to change it before publication. For now, what really matters is that we have a way to “name” this particular publishing project.]


QUESTION 17: In a single word, how would you characterize this work?

[Is it “literary”, “instructional” or “pictorial”?]


QUESTION 18: How long is this work?

[Please specify the number of pages, or even better, the number of words, if you know them. If this is a pictorial work, please specify the number of images.]


QUESTION 19: Is this work divided into chapters, sections or other parts?

[If so, how many divisions are there, and of what kind?]


QUESTION 20: How many illustrations, images, figures or tables are there in the body of this work? (Please provide the numbers of each kind of graphic element.)

[Cover art is a separate issue, so don’t consider it with your response to this question. Please note, some eBook formats are not very good at incorporating graphic elements, but we will do our best to accommodate any graphics you wish, as best we can.]


QUESTION 21: This is a three-part question concerning your requirements for ‘Publication Releases’… (Please provide your answers, giving reference to numbers; i, ii, and iii.)

[i) Does your work contain any *direct quotations* from other works by other authors? ii) If so, have you already secured ‘Publication Releases’ from the authors of these other works, that would also cover DigiNatal Publishing? (In which case, we would need copies of these signed documents.) iii) If you have not already secured ‘Publication Releases’ for these direct quotations; how many different publications have you quoted from? (We only ask, so we can plan to prepare the Publication Releases we will require to be signed. This is a straightforward process and we are pleased to work together with you to do this properly.)]


QUESTION 22: Is this a work of fiction, non-fiction or graphic art?


QUESTION 23: How would you describe the target audience of this work?

[Some suggestions include; adult, young adult, travelers, business people, art lovers, math students, general audiences, etc.]


QUESTION 24: Please provide an outline or a brief synopsis of the work.

[A paragraph or a few should be sufficient. Explain the story/plotline/purpose of your work. This will help us to decide if your work is something we would want to publish. To be perfectly honest, we will publish almost anything that doesn’t run too high a risk of getting us maligned in the press, sued, or attacked. Unfortunately, we are living in an era when authors and publishers have come under fire (sometimes gunfire) for engaging in legitimate expression; and we regret that this is one limb that we may not want to climb out onto with you, in every instance. (However, we may be willing to extend other kinds of service, for controversial works that we believe are deserving of publication.)]


INSTRUCTION for Questions 25 through 36

[The following questions ’25’ through ’36’ ask about how you would like us to work together with you.]


QUESTION 25: Are there any particular ebook file formats that you would like us to produce? If so, what are they?

[We will typically publish your work as a number of different ebook editions, with different file-types for different kinds of reading devices, usually including file-extensions such as “.epub”, “.mobi”, “.pdf”, and also “.azw” specifically for the Amazon® Kindle®. These are the most popular file-types for ebooks, although there certainly are other formats.]


QUESTION 26: What *minimum* suggested retail price did you have in mind?

[To answer this question, you will need to do some research. Try to determine what you think should be the minimum suggested retail price of your eBooks. Look to see how comparable works are priced – on the lower end – because we’re setting a price “floor” with this figure. The actual retail price we could list your eBook for, might be higher. Please be clear about the currency you have specified. (Does “$” refer to US or Canadian currency, or some other?)]


QUESTION 27: How would you like to receive your royalty payments?

[We can pay by; cheque, bank draft or money order sent by mail, or by wire transfer directly to your bank account, or even through PayPal®. (Courier delivery is available if you bear the cost.)]


QUESTION 28: What currency would you like to receive royalty payments in?


QUESTION 29: You have three basic options regarding cover art for your ebook. Which option would you like to exercise?

OPTION A: I will provide cover art that I have created myself (which means that I own the copyright to it, and can use it as the cover for my ebook).

OPTION B: I will acquire cover art from someone else (and also the publication release signed by the original artist that I will need to submit prior to publication).

OPTION C: I would like for DigiNatal Publishing to produce cover art for my ebook.

[Cover art is not something we ordinarily ‘charge extra’ for, although if we have to hire a graphic artist, we are likely to ask you for an advance subsidy. Our suggestion is that unless you already have something in mind, along the lines of ‘Option A’ or ‘Option B’; that you let us produce cover art for your consideration. You will have an opportunity to change your mind with regards to cover art, and exercise a different option than the one you’ve indicated here.]


QUESTION 30: Do you own or operate a website? If so, would you like to offer your ebooks for sale and digital download there?

[We are keen, of course, to sell the ebooks we publish on our own website. We would also like to do this on your website. Whether or not you currently have your own website, is this something that you would be interested in as well? (Please note, we do not ‘charge extra’ for this added service.)]


QUESTION 31: Selling your ebooks through retailers, especially internet-based ebook stores, is very definitely on our agenda. How would you like for us to handle this?

[Option ‘A’ is the fastest and easiest option for both of us; while if you choose option ‘B’ we would be careful not to enter into an arrangement we cannot back-out from; and option ‘C’ is the most cautious, but also the slowest approach.]

A) Go right ahead and distribute my ebooks through every retailer DigiNatal Publishing can make arrangements with.

B) Distribute my ebooks through retailers, and inform me after-the-fact of the terms they insist on; while being careful to maintain an “opt-out”.

C) I would prefer that DigiNatal Publishing explain to me all about the retail arrangements to be made, before proceeding with any such distribution through third-party retailers.


Environmental Statements for Your eBooks

[As you may or may not know; DigiNatal Publishing has a unique and well-developed capability to prepare a special kind of environmental statement for the eBooks we publish. It’s called a ‘life cycle inventory’ (LCI), and it details a meticulous accounting of the energy requirements and greenhouse gas emissions that arise from the online purchase and digital download of our eBooks. But our LCIs go a few steps farther; providing two additional ‘purchase and distribution scenarios’ to establish a comparison involving two equivalent-sized hardcopy books.

We use a proprietary computer model to carefully estimate the resource requirements and the environmental impacts that arise when these hardcopy analogues are bought online, packaged in a corrugated shipping carton, and either express-shipped using air freight, or delivered all the way by truck. We call this three-way comparison a ‘distributed’ and comparative life cycle inventory (DC-LCI), because we examine the logistical energy requirements and the resulting emissions that arise from a specific delivery to a specific destination — and compare these scenarios to our preferred scenario involving the online purchase and digital download of your ebook.

If you are an environmentally-concerned Author, or even more importantly, if you have written about an environmental issue, we would be most pleased to prepare a DC-LCI for your ebook. We very much hope that it helps to establish an advantageous position for your work in the marketplace. To our knowledge, DigiNatal Publishing is the only publisher in the world to provide this kind of environmental statement, at the very high standard we have set.

We are proud to offer our DC-LCIs as a value-added service to our Authors and readers alike. This is *not* something we charge extra for, and whether you want one prepared for your eBook or not, has no bearing whatsoever on the cost or revenue regime under which we hope to work together with you as your electronic Publisher.]


QUESTION 32: Would you like for us for us to prepare a DC-LCI for your eBook?

[If so, is there any particular delivery destination that you would like for us to model logistical requirements and emissions for?]


Your Intentions and Questions

QUESTION 33: Can you honestly pledge that the reason you are inquiring about our publishing contract is because you are an author looking for a publisher? *

[Please understand: We have invested a great deal into our publishing contracts, and we consider that they are very valuable documents. For this reason, we are not keen to post them online, and we would rather they were kept out of the hands of our competitors, as they do reveal some of our critical business practices.]


QUESTION 34: If we do send you our publishing contract, do you pledge to handle it as confidential material – keeping it private from everyone, except your trusted legal advisors and/or your literary agent? *

[One of the reasons why we do not post our publishing contracts online is because every one we offer may be different from the others we have offered to other authors. As a matter of discretion, courtesy and consideration; we prefer that every author receives his or her publishing contract directly from us, and not second-hand from someone else. We hope you can appreciate this situation, and will exercise the regard for us that we will exercise for you.]


QUESTION 35: Do you promise to review our publishing contract for the sole purpose of judging our suitability to be your electronic publisher, and for no other reason? *

[If you are curious about our publishing contracts for some other reason than that you are an author seeking a publisher; we would much rather that you simply call us and ask us your question(s) straight-up. We are always happy to respond to questions, and to avoid confounding our capacity scheduling calculations; we would prefer that you not request a contract unless you are an author with a finished work that you want published. We hope you can understand and appreciate our situation in this regard.]


QUESTION 36 & 37: If you have any questions for us, what are they? If there is something else we should know, what is it?

Please review all of your responses, to make sure everything is perfectly correct and precise. Then, send your responses through an email and send it to us via “publisher AT diginatal DOT com”.



We will enter your responses into our system to generate your agreement and we will get back to you with it as soon as possible, certainly within a week.