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The written word has found a new home, and it is not in print. Hard-copy books are quickly becoming old-school, and cannot hope to offer today’s authors the ease of distribution, market penetration or economic reward that electronic publishing now can (when done right). With the advent and ever increasing popularity of eReaders, tablet computers and palm-top devices; the demand for digital content has exploded. Now is the time to seize the potential of new technologies, and an emerging business model that is transforming the publishing industry.

DigiNatal Publishing was founded to help authors profit from the innovations of the information age. We are currently soliciting manuscripts from authors who want to realize the full potential of their works in digital form. We offer a complete suite of services geared to help you profitably sell your titles to eager readers who are amassing entire libraries they can carry in a single hand. Many of these people actually shop for new materials through their electronic device of choice. Most of them will no longer frequent mortar-and-bricks bookstores the way they used to. To win their readership, you must publish your work easily, quickly and profitably, with DigiNatal Publishing.

We would be very pleased to do whatever you need to get your works into the hands of paying readers. We can provide;

  • Expert editorial services,
  • Cover artwork and graphic design,
  • ISBN assignment and book cataloguing,
  • Digitization for a wide variety of formats and devices,
  • Legal deposit with the National Library of Canada, and
  • Retail distribution through the eBook vendors you will pick with our thoughtful guidance.
  • We can even set-up a website with an electronic commerce solution to enable you to sell directly to your readers; delivering your works instantly over the internet, without you lifting a finger.

Whatever you require; we can do what needs to be done to help you secure the advantages of electronic publishing.

For more information, email “publisher AT diginatal DOT com” to start the discussion, which will begin with some questions for you.

It would be our pleasure to answer any question you may have. This is doubly true if you are an Author seeking an electronic publisher. If that’s the case; we also have a few innocuous questions to ask you. (You can copy and paste ‘Our Questions for Authors’ into an email message, and enter your responses there.) If you would very much prefer to answer these questions over the phone or better-yet, in a Skype call, we are glad to do that after business hours, with pre-arrangement. In any case, what matters most is that we can understand what you require of us, whether through email or a phone or Skype call.

We have developed our questionnaire to help us understand your requirements and gauge the potential for us to work together. Should everything line-up sufficiently, your responses will help us to draft the all-important publishing agreement we will offer you, so that you can properly consider what DigiNatal Publishing can do for you.

Some other publishers are keen to whet your appetite with an appealing contract, but when they present you with a version for signing, you may discover some hidden catches and costs you hadn't considered. This is particularly disappointing if this discovery comes after you have signed. We don't work that way, and we don't want you to make decisions regarding your options without having something concrete in your hands, like a firm offer that you and your advisors can consider properly, in its full context. We believe that when you do, you'll do the smart thing and sign with us!

If we send you one of our tailored contracts, you may consider it a firm offer with concrete terms, issued because we are genuinely interested in publishing your work. If we were just to post a generic contract online, that wouldn't settle anything, and we wouldn't want you to get any wrong ideas.
Please understand: First of all, we don't have a boilerplate contract. Secondly, we have invested a great deal into our business systems, particularly our publishing agreements, and so we don't like the idea of posting them online as if they were simply 'boilerplate' - because they are not. We have developed them in-house, and have had them vetted by experts at considerable expense. Our publishing agreements are specialized for our services and the unique ways in which we do business. As such, they constitute some of our most valuable proprietary intellectual capital, and so we insist on handling them accordingly.

More importantly, when we draft and issue a publishing agreement, it is something we do with great care, considering the detailed particulars, and we just would not know how to do this in a generic fashion. Perhaps most importantly, we want to hear from you, and we believe that each of us asking a few good questions and getting good answers, is altogether a good way to start that dialogue. We hope you will agree!
Some things we would like you to know up-front:
  1. We are proud to welcome authors from around the world. If your work is in the English language, then we should have no problems on account of where you are located.
  2. We do not pay authors an advance. This is because we are geared to work with authors whose work is already in print, and who want to exploit the digital rights they have ***retained*** over their work. In case the particular work you would like to publish electronically has not already been committed to print, we would still be interested if your manuscript is complete and ready for publication.
  3. We do not require an advance subsidy in order to publish most works. This means — most of the time — we will not ask you to pay any up-front fees in order to publish your work as an eBook and begin its distribution for sale. This is almost always the case if the work in question is already in print. However, there may be some exceptions to this.
If we feel that your work has insufficient commercial appeal to warrant us putting in the required effort up-front, yet you would still like for us to proceed with its publication, we may ask you for a modest advance subsidy, sufficient to cover our production costs. In such a case, we may discount any subsequent commission charges on initial eBook sales until your advance subsidy has been offset by our discounts. This consideration is taken on a case-by-case basis.

If your work requires an inordinate amount of preparatory work, such as for substantial copyediting, extensive textual formatting, numerous illustrations or tables, or an index, we may ask for a modest advance subsidy. Depending on the amount of prep-work, we may (or may not) defray the cost of such an advance subsidy with subsequent commission discounts. This consideration is also taken on a case-by-case basis.

If you request that we provide cover art that is beyond our normal means; we may ask for an advance subsidy to hire a graphic artist that will produce your cover art and grant his or her permission to use it on your cover. Rest assured, we understand the value of an attractive cover, and will do our best to secure one. But, if you're not satisfied, we may have to bring in a hired hand, and this may require an advance subsidy. (Of course, you can hire your own graphic artist to prepare a cover, provided that the result is suitable, publishable, and that you have secured the necessary 'publication release' from the artist, which we can certainly help you with.)

NB: Due to technical reasons related to the limitations of many eReaders and eBook file formats; if your work contains illustrations or tables, other than on the cover; these graphic elements may not be perfectly convertible into every eBook format. We can test the feasibility of publishing your works, and discuss this at length should the need arise.

Simple answer: It varies.

The equation we use is radically different from the one used by other publishers. Our process is different, our fixed and variable costs are different, and the value chain partners we rely on to bring your eBooks to market are different too. Altogether, this means our cost structure is different, and the risk environment we operate under is different. Perhaps most significantly, we measure our 'outlays' in terms of hours, not dollars.

We are reluctant to state precise figures, percentages or ranges on our website because we don't want you to base any decision on what could prove to be a faulty basis; given your specific circumstance, concerning your particular publication. That's just not our style. However, we will say this here and now:

We believe very strongly that the 'thicker margin' should go to our Authors -- often the much thicker margin. This is because we also believe that the keys to our success are made from service excellence for our Authors, and a supremely efficient business model, which are already stock and trade for us. Request a publishing contract from us by answering our questions, and you will see for yourself just what we can do for you, and how well we can do it too!

In practical terms: After we have a chance to properly consider your publication -- given the responses you will provide to our questionnaire, and the sample of the work you will send us -- we will assess the potential for us to efficiently earn a reasonable profit, while ensuring that the larger portion of net proceeds can still flow to you. If, by our estimation, that potential is reasonably certain; we will draft a publishing agreement that will precisely detail all of the figures, percentages and ranges you would need to judge -- not to mention every term and condition that gives context to those numbers. This way, you can properly consider engaging the services of DigiNatal Publishing.

In our opinion, this is the only proper way for you to make such an important decision.

To find out exactly what this would mean for you, simply complete our questionnaire and send us a sample of the work you would like for us to publish. We will respond to you within three or four business days, if not sooner.

Please let us know if you have any questions.

To speak with someone on the phone, dial

(00+ 1+) 416-428-1716.

It would be our pleasure to receive your call!

Please note: Our primary time zone is Eastern Standard (GMT-5hrs.), but we keep very wide office hours. If we cannot answer your call, please leave a detailed message and we will respond as quickly as we can. Be sure to leave your name, phone number and also tell us what time zone you are in, so that we don’t call back in the middle of the night.

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Ravi Karumanchiri, Publisher

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